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How to Sell on Extended Stores

How to Sell on Extended Stores


Create an account on and list your products. To begin, all you'll need is your GST/PAN number and an active bank account.


After your profile has been validated, you will be able to start receiving orders.

You will stand out from the crowd if you include it as a feature product.

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Provide the Product

While selling on, you have the option of selecting your own delivery partner. Make sure your orders are well-packaged. Customers pay a set shipping fee that we collect to deliver.

Get Paid

Only after 4 days has passed, since the product has sold out you be able to request a fund withdrawal. We will conduct the due diligence and pay to your bank account after we get your request (after deducting Extended Stores commissions)

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How to Calculate Commission Fee

Total Commission Fees = Item Price * Commission Fee Percentage. View Category Percentage

e.g If you are Selling a Shirt at ₹500, Commission fee Percentage is 5%,

so Commission Fees = ₹500 * 5% = ₹25

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